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Welcome To NESbit Games

This is the newest section of NESbit. This (like most of the site) is still under construction. What I can do is tell you what will be here. I will be frequently be adding information on NES games here such as (but not exclusive to): general game info, game reviews, files about the game to download such as maps and walkthroughs, in game pictures, and video footage of the endings.

The current games that are being worked on for the opening of this section are the classics: Ninja Gaiden & Metroid. Check back here within the next few weeks and this page will be up.

If anyone would like to see an NES game covered here, or would like to submit a review, story, file, faq, walkthrough, or just about anything else pertaining to NES games, feel free to mail them to me and I will do my best to see it get onto the site.