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NESbit Downloads

NES Text Files

File Name Size Description Author
The NES Cleaning Guide 3.30 k Guide to cleaning NES games and systems Jay McGavren
NES Rarity List & Price Guide 67.3 k Comprehensive listing of NES games Mike Etler
NES Cartridge List 74.2 k Newer NES game list Andrew Krieg
SNES Cartridge List 65.9 k SNES game list Andrew Krieg
Technical Paper about 8-bit NES & PS2 1344 k Comparison paper between 8-bit NES & PS2 technologies I wrote for my class Jesse W. Nye
Appendices 1458 k All the appendices to the above paper Jesse W. Nye
Front End 4 k All the cover pages to the above paper Jesse W. Nye

Emulation Documents

File Name Size Description Author
NES Architecture 46 k Marat's famous NES document. Marat Fayzullin
NES System Documentation 18.6 k Excellent document that describes the system architechture of the NES. JDC

Emulators & Utilities

File Name Size Description Author
NESten .06 Beta 836 k My new favorite NES emulator. Blows away every other emu i've used. Visit the homepage for newer betas or use the one i'm using. NESten Home Page
Nesticle vX.XX 191 k Old but still the best & most functional NES emulator out there Bloodlust Software
Tile Layer Pro 239 k Tile editor for roms of multiple systems.
Graphics Extractor 19 k Extracts graphics from a ROM and converts to a bitmap for editing. Griffin Knodle
Graphics Inserter 18.9 k Inserts an edited bitmap back into the ROM. Griffin Knodle