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About NESbit And It's Creator

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my page to see what this is all about. If you're here right now, chances are you already know me so I'll save the background info. My name is Jesse in case you don't know me.

I started this page because one day while I was bored at work I began to take an interest in HTML. I set out and started to teach myself how to make web pages and I figured, why not make a page about something that is interesting to me? Well that's just what I did!

I decided that I would dedicate this page to my favorite video game system (and no I don't mean my PS2). I'm talking about the 8-bit Wonder of the World, the NES. I'm sure most of you have probably played or even owned one in the past, so hopefully you feel the same nostalgia that I get by reading about it. Although I don't know how long I will keep this page going, or what exactly will go on it, I hope that I can have at least some interesting stuff up here that will make people want to come here.

Basically I created this page because I love video games, I love the NES, and I'm really bored at work this summer :) I do have aspirations for this page, but with time constraints I honestly don't know how far I will get with them. But at the very least you can look at the picture of me below! Ain't I cute?

Me lookin' like a goober